This Is A Cool Game!

Aah, What Do I Need To Say Here? Well, Probably That I Started Pixel Worlds Like A 5h Ago And I’m An Absolute Noob! Someone Told Me About Mining And I Looked Some Videos About It And Started Mining. Now I Have About 1000BC Networth! So Not Bad At All!


Gratz! Come to destii right now and ill double it!

So, I’m A Noob! That’s What I Mean!

Welcome to Pixelworlds @Pixeey !

Glad to see new faces around here :slight_smile:

Gratz! Go play drop game and you’ll lose all!

I’m waiting @Pixeey

Enjoy the new pickaxe :wink:


And That’s When I Say No…

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Welcome to a ride of your life! You will enjoy this game! I think at least. What I suggest is try not to focus on profiting, and instead have fun. That was one mistake I made, because once you profit you can’t stop the profit.

That Sure Is A Lot Of Proper Nouns You Got There.

anyway welcome

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Ok, I’m from Finland so I don’t speak the most perfect English.

Welcome pixeey! I guess you should start by having fun first before profiting, cause profiting can be stressful for new players, try jetrace, mine, fishing, nether, secret base (if the event active), try completing some achivements that gives good rewards :gift:, etc

Welcome to the forum again!
Oh yeah also im Vano

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