This is a weird request, but

…can anyone here translate Japanese from an audio file?

From where u got this?

from 0:06 -
Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix + the world’s long-awaited Mario Kart Grand Prix latest work. Mostly from the same 1 micro gurus spoke with more code that Don-chan won’t let. And it’s a hot battle festival because you can fight with players of the same level as the samurai who copied the abilities of the newspapers all over Japan.

from 0:52
Furthermore, in other words, we form a team and play cooperatively. Teamwork is the key to victory. yes. Labor saving. your support card. What can you do in the scorching sun?

from 1:21-
yes. Items and rezartas obtained in Yokoi can be used. Card System Grand Prix

Where can you find those audio file analyzer services?

so it was mario kart again… REALLY