This is getting really old

So many issues going on, and absolutely no explanation from the support team whatsoever? This has to be some sort of joke.

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Anti-Cheat Detection is going off-road, most of people’s pets gets erased after logging in.

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Pixel Worlds has been an independent game since the start, but evidently, there’s only so far that indie developers can go.

Yeah, we just don’t hear anything from bbricks, it sounds like a big problem because it just puts me into a bit of stress about the current state of the game.

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I’m not very confident in the current state of the game, and I think the majority of players would mutually share that feeling with me.

wait they fixed the pet thing? pog

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PWAC version 5.28.000-23 patch notes:

  • Broke some code and made it go completely insane.
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Fr bro, im kinda tired of this lack of transparency as well


It’s like having no transparency is a written rule in the PW developer guidebook