This is going to be the new trading fad once wls are untradeable (I swear)


Why this might be a fad?

Jake stated in his newest video (at this time) that dropped, stored, displayed world locks will remain like that once Jake makes them untradeable. Once you collect the world lock that is like that, it will remain in your inventory “FOREVER”. The same can go for lock tokens (since it will no longer be made once world locks are untradeable).

Now that I think about it, world trading under this fad might be like this: The more lock tokens/world locks that are dropped, the more valuable it is.

I do not know if we will do this but, let the community decide…

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literally everyone will be doing it so the worlds will probably just be valueless

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I see your point.

True, but are World Locks going to be valuable anymore besides world trading?

I don’t think so, because World Locks have lost its value as a currency.

People can also just buy a world lock from the store to trade Fgems or Mgems.

But what makes it special is that you can no longer drop them (once they are untradeable). So there will be something special about the world with a dropped world lock.

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Hmm, I agree.

Might be used to make a world unique and rare.

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yea now you are getting it!

Bro if wls are untradeable doesn’t that mean that you can’t trade the world since it has untradeables in it?


That’s interesting question, you might not be able to trade them then, that’s brilliant!

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Bruh moment.


wow, every world lock

Yea every noob is gonna do that :roll_eyes:


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

But seriously, you are right