This is my fishing set

I have started playing pw again and this is my fishing set im kinda noob at this game but yeah should i change my rod or keep this one?

Edit because picture wont load

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Also what gear i should get next?

Your gear is alright, fish are slower, because of your rodster toga, and you also have a strike frequency boost, because of your snufnomad hat.

I’d recommend you to choose clothing that compliments your rod. From what I know, bamboo rods have good strike frequency but can struggle with faster fish, so if you want to stay with what you have now, then I’d recommend accessories that make fish slower, such as your rodster toga. If you want to push your rod’s strike frequency even further though, you could always just get more accessories that do so.

If you’d rather upgrade to a rod with a low strike frequency, that’s better at handling bigger fish, then I’d recommend upgrading to a carbon fiber rod, and potentially investing in some strike frequency boosting accessories to compensate for the lower strike frequency of the carbon fiber rod.

Also, make sure you get a fishing amulet, it’s an amazing accessory that prevents your lure from being stolen, it’s worth getting no matter what path you choose to take with your gear. (I think I can see one in the picture, but I’m not 100% sure, so just in case).

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I recommend you to add fishing net, it’s pretty useful and cheap. Anyways your set is fine.

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Yes i have amulet there

Since your question is about the rod… That rod carried me until I got my first carbon superior rod, which I made myself. I think you should keep it if the budget doesn’t allow more for now, it’s a pretty decent rod. One step at a time xD

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Shouldn’t need to use a toga for anything higher than a bamboo. With practice you should be able to get huges most of the time. Plus you’ll save wls.

It makes it easier and im not that good at cathcing larges

Well if you have enough world locks, consider getting a titanium superior rod with the bait earring and deep sea hat. That’s the most expensive but most effective set.

Your current one is fine if you don’t have enough though.
If you want to check out a fishing world give my world NEO a look :slight_smile:

Okay ill give it a look and with this set i can get easily to top 30 or better in baby cup in fishing tournaments and im rn maybe 25+ in baby cup

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Impressive, I don’t really do tournaments. I could maybe win if I tried but the problem is having the bait and inventory space. lol

Edit: also going back and forth to pixel station is annoying

I have tried to get a better score but my luck has been bad and i havent gotten lots of herrings i have like 1.4k points and it was my first or 2nd try i have tried like 8times

Ah tournaments are on a whole new level. I have the perfect bait, full strike frequency set , well except for the necklace, I prefer amulet over the worm necklace, either way somehow, MAGICALLY during a tournament I never end up catching the fish the bait is supposed to catch :3 or it doesn’t strike frequently enough lmao. Once the tournament ends guess what, my strike rate goes through the roof and I catch that specific type of fish :3 I gave up on tournaments .-.

I suggest going for worm necklace build with Hydro bonus stat

Higher strike is way better than an amulet that guarantees a catch when bait lost is like a 2% chance anyway

But yeah I totally agree it’s like tournaments rig your strike chance :rofl:

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That makes sense, I might just think again about that amulet. I was given a free one when fishing first came out so I haven’t really… tried fishing without an amulet.

That’s good to know. Thank you!

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