This is weird

Is is meant to be just scrambled like this or?

I was told it is supposed to be like that, not sure if that’s true or not 100%. BUT, a definite bug is that it’s doing is showing people who are definitely offline as online. Super weird.

Yeah, it’s weird. I saw my brother online and he does not play pw anymore. The list it looks unorganized and just, harder to look through.

So the “show offline friends” thing is completely missing? It’s not supposed to be like that… Adding to the bug list.

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It does show but it’s like all the way at the bottom

Right. For me it showed some accounts in the “top section” that I know haven’t played the game in a very long time.

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Same for me


Looks like this can be fixed with a maintenance, we’ll try to have it done today.

I have the same problem

so many active friends! Lucky :pensive:

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Wanna add friends? I am inactive though because of exams

sure… im lonely ;-;


Add me on discord: Mindaw#9958

We can discuss our meeting there!

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