This should display on the PW twitch channel

Why PWConnect? Simple. The streams connected you to PW and what was going on at the time. They also let you enjoy PW-related chitchat.

Who said streams are permanently gone :skull:


Because if there will be any new person, it won’t be the same service anymore. Probably “PW Information Centre” or something




God damn it Ondrashek :skull:



What’s wrong with the idea?

It was made by you.


They’re about to start a society :open_mouth:
(I enjoy playing Worldbox)


It’s not because ideas are bad in any way because some are good, we just think that most of them are

  1. Too much hassle for too small changes
  2. These changes are just…I don’t know if these change something sometimes
  3. They’re always referencing Roblox/Miiverse
  4. There are a lot of conspiracy theories

Don’t get me wrong, I like to read some theories, suggestions et cetera. I just think that we’ve had too many of these :sweat:

Siskea will probably be doing the streams and everyone is okay with her since shes streamed before.

You know people are starting to hate Ondrashek when even an ex-moderator says this

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Wait, I thought that they are still a moderator…

They are a moderator on discord, but not in the game anymore.

So who even moderates the game now?

The only ones I’ve recently seen are Starfire and Rabia. Idk anyone else lol

Ahh yes, the 2 controversial mods. Nobody had an issue with Ghost or Blackwight.

Blackwight might still be a mod in-game, at least they have the role in Discord. I haven’t seen them tho so Idk