This sucks a lot

This was the kind of stuff that started to throw Growtopia down the drain, it genuinely pains me to see this infestation on Pixel Worlds now.
Disgusting diseases these spam bots are.

Most of those accounts are like over a year old, which probably means that those are the accounts that got stolen by the site and they’re now using the account’s gems to make these gms. Most of these aren’t even bots since they just go around different worlds spamming this same stuff and moving around like a normal player. It’s probably just a one random guy doing this.

(Also I’m sorry for this horrible English it’s 1:30am here and I’m tired as hell)

I visited the website and it got shut down. More may come though

I’m pretty sure that is someone from growtopia trying to ruin the game so he can say that gt is better than pw

Well technically it won’t be anymore since this happened way before PW

I’m pretty sure there’s someone who’s preparing spam bots

I agree (20 characters)

What better way to say GT is better than by bringing the toxicity from there over to here!