Tiktok x Pixelworlds

I just posted it.Since my audience are kids and teens and some adults. I decided to make a Short Persuading Video :sweat_smile:. @Commander_K @Jake

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game advertising for free, very helpful!

you cant just ping a dev unless if its important

you did good and helpful for the community.

Tell that to every noob’s forum mod application.

Judging someone for a social media they use is cringe

Apparently my post was flagged and hidden for cracking 2 jokes.

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is there a prolem with that? condu is advertising the game and pinging someone is ok. but you dont have to word it out like that. really.

‘’ i dont want to apply moderation ‘’

I was trying to joke about the fact that a lot of people ping the mods and devs for no “good” reason.

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Well, she did really advertise the game and mabye she wanted it to check out to the devs? i didnt know it was a joke lmao. but yea. we cant judge her and anyone, let her be.

Daddy Chill…

Daddy chill …