Tips on trading? Maybe


what even is the point of this thread

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Theres multiple threads talking about this same thing.

Ohh… are you saying you need tips for trading??

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The best way to profit from trading in my opinion is to buy items with a low price and sell items with high prices to make guaranteed profit from trading.

If you have lots of world locks and want to make bigger profit, I suggest buying limited items that have big demand in the market so you will always have someone who wants your item. Selling low demanding item is something I suggest not to do as you are wasting too much time on trying to find a buyer for the item.

You can also look at Youtube for tips and tricks from other players on how to profit with trading.

I hope this reply helped you out a little bit, have a good day!

I made these tips on sub-reddit go check if you want.

The sell high isn’t worth it sell the right price

You can’t really go beyond buy low sell high, like i said earlier, you really got to do it to get a feel for it to get good at it. You can’t get better at it through asking questions(ok some things such as hoarding etc you might wanna ask some players) but if you really need help can you please state how many wls you have? because its much easier trading with a lot of wls

If you want some quick profits etc just say buy all cheap items, check the price, buy it for low and then sell normal price. I do that quite a bit.