Tomorrow i have a long road, soo i decided to make a small Q&A


Tomorrow i’ll need to take the train for about an hour or more and to kill the time, i decided to make a small Q&A on Instagram!

Feel free to ask anything! I’ll surely check also the forums so you can ask me questions in this thread as well !

(You can consider this as a Q&A for the 100 subs in advance)


am i your friend (:

best question ever xD

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Where is the exclamation mark tho? XD

am i your friend? (:

also i just realised i havent subbed you yet xD oops…

There is still no exclamation mark XDDDD
But yea… i’ve seen you a bit on the forums and yea… i guess i can consider you as a friend.

ok…also i went to sub ya bc i forgor xD

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oh yeah…my other name is oskukso! just saying bc alot of people dont know this

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Do you pour milk in your cereal first or last?

What is your preferred topping on waffles?

I will judge you.

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Milk first or else cereals are too wet and i don’t like it.


Congratulations, you passed level one

Now answer q 2

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Okay lol…
But how ?

What are your preferred toppings

Ketchup, barbecue sauce and some spicy sauces


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Aaaaa about the waffles xDDDDDDD

I forgot you mentioned the toppings on waffles xDdd

Obviously i put nutella on them

Wait what was it for then

I mean ketchup for stuff like meat xD

I just created an invite and shared it like everywhere, on my clan discord server, and also on the communist republic discord server and he surely got the link from here.