Too many people getting banned for no reason!

If these inquiries are true, then moderators should always double-check before implementing a ban. After all, they are working for free… And plus, they should just stop suggesting that the banned person should email ‘’ because it’s most likely they won’t receive a reply, or get help.

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usually one double checks something when their actions are accidental! (in my opinion)

think about this a little bit more…

Yeah, I’ve seen 2 prime examples of a player getting banned due to carelessness of the mod.

‘‘One’’, lmao. There should be more than ‘‘one’’ checking.

What do you mean? They get payed?

mods arent technically paid but they get a free mod hoodie and if they prove worthy they can demand certain items like the mod who received ghost wings and even got his name changed

Oh, right. I meant real money.

via saying “one” I am referring to a person in general , also accompanied with “their” , not “his”

what I mean is that since they do not receive payment with currency like euros they have no reason to “double check” something or use their power with a complete fair manner before banning any player

is this true ? could you explain ?

Moderators take reports of bans seriously and have a thorough process in place to investigate each case. The moderators carefully review the reported user’s activity and ensure that appropriate actions are taken. I understand that mistakes can happen. and I can assure you that they double-check before any ban, and whoever’s been “falsely” banned will be unbanned after all. If you think of it, if the moderators kept banning players without a reason, as you say, then they would keep losing players, so I don’t recommend giving out some false accusations after all; we are all here to enjoy the game.

may I ask , how long have you been playing pixel worlds game for ?

the man Quqqo, now Ghustie, said it himself

Bro, stop acting like you are a moderator. If we don’t point out these accusations and keep quiet, who’s going to be there to criticise the moderators.

‘‘His’’ isn’t the only possessive adjective out there my guy, but I understand your point.

Well, if they have no reason to do so with a fair narrative, they clearly aren’t fit to be a moderator.

exactly! but do you think developers actively check their actions ?!
sometimes there are just some people that have a position (which is originally meant to help others) just in order to help and promote themselves sadly



I am not, and I never claimed to be one, but you here bragging about “people getting banned for no reason,” not knowing the exact reason, and blaming the staff team about it isn’t the right choice. I’m not sure what you call it defense. or justice anyhow, I just wanted to make things clear since you see it from one perspective.

not quite sure for a while. Ago

From your perspective, it seems like no one makes a mistake.