Trade losing a lot of bytes and items market

Trade losing a lot of bytes and items market.

I sent 3 mails…
My nick name in game: Grezu

Please check logs… This is terrible.

Hello, you asked for more explanations. I was trading in the market at one point, i entered the game only to buy cheaper and sell more expensive items from the market. i have already lost 2x items from the market and bytecoins. The first time it looked like i made buy an sell offers and logged in 2 weeks later, and there was neither money nor items on the market or intentory that i had put up for sale. Such situations took place bytecoins, traded on the market… And i’m sorry. I’m have 25 yo. But that’s not fair. I wrote to wal many times asking for help. But no one helped me… It’s me who wages in the game so that you can earn… And you have me in the ass… Please explain…

Byte coins, items have not returnet to the inventory from the market, nor the items that i have put up. It’s a waste of hundreds of dollars for me. This is money.

Im sorry, for my english. It’s no my native language. Im from poland.

Regards, Grezu…

wait a damn minute

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in trading there are times when you lose and profit so keep the spirit and try again, maybe you are not lucky even though you lose a lot but, how many other players have lost more than you. but remember, keep trying

Uh apologies but i have no clue what you’re on about, if you are talking about items rising and falling, thats none of the developers business, it’s a player based economy, developer intervention will just break the market. Because there is currency in game, and because it can be gained infinitely inflation also exists in the game, the bytecoin store also acted as a currency sink a little too well which caused deflation a while back. Making a loss is your fault, not anyone elses, what’s important is that you understand where you went wrong, and how to do it better next time.

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I suppose you are talking about PWE. If the items you order/sell were not expired but bugged, then you should try sending an email to and tell exactly what happened and your player name etc.

If you are trading game items for real money, please stop. It’s illegal.

Guys, The market did not return the items back to me. Nor bytecoins. Nor the goods that I put on stock. Support is not responding. Scam … :confused:


What should I do to get items from the market, and money that has not been returned to the market, to return to my inventory? I mark this error, bug

I think the guy’s talking about pwmarket, a discord server where they trade bytecoins illegaly.

Or, he’s talking about PWE, and his account just got hacked.

Considering though, that he’s referring to “the market” more as an entity that can respond,

I think that he is talking about pwmarket.

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I reckon he’s probably referring to PWE Terminal Marketplace, since he has sent a screenshot of his PWE achievement.

I don’t know why he even sent that…

Kukouri is not associated with Black Marketing.

If you got scammed by it, you get no support.
If your money is stolen or virtual goods, no support either.

Kukouri would destroy the market but you won’t get anything back from it.

If you were caught doing any activities with illegal goods, getting scammed or not. you will be banned.

Never heard about PWE bug like that.
I only buy and sell by 8-14 alts.
There is support site : then you can make report there even with your own language.
I sell aprox 200 units / week and buy about same amount.
Never encountered bug as u tell.

Your items will be gone if You didn’t take the items until the timer ended


Your items have 3 Days to be on-sale in PWE Terminal

After 3 Days have passed, items are not sold yet. The timer ends

After that, there will be a 30 Days timer until the off-sale item is actually removed [As in deleted]

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Wow how did u understand what he was saying?

I mean, there’s no other way your items can be gone

Hacked, scammed

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Too far to assume that, if He got hacked He would’ve posted about it instead of losing byte