Treasure Found

nIcE nEw FeaturE in GaMe.
What’s the most treasure you’ve got from a pet? Haven’t used mine that much, so it’s kinda low.

:swan: hOnK

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Caring for pets is way too much effort in PW, so I think the best I got from an adventure was around a few silver tokens before I gave up on the update.

The most I got from an adventure was around like 5k gems in pouches and 100+ bronze, 50+ silver and 1 gold token. Pets are decent if your busy, just a bit tedious with training and feeding them.

Nice to see small updates.

The best treasure my pets have found were: 2 Gold Bubblegum Tokens, some Silver Tokens, and some gem pouches.

I like the idea of the pets, but them getting sick and having to buy cures etc really takes some worth out if it imo