Tribute To Yus

Very sad to see Yus go.

He was a high quality content creator and an active player in the community. He left to pursue his dream and left explaining how gaming/social media has affected him.

If you are here Yus, good luck.

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Is that in Yus’s video where he did a face reveal?

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Yes, it is. (20 Characters)

Yeh it’s sad he will be remembered

For anyone who wants to see the video-

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He made right choice, wish him best.

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He’d explained about social media greatly, it can feel bittersweet or something like that, let’s see how his sports career (Or some other career) goes on, wish him the best

Imagine if we see him as a professional footballer or something :open_mouth:
0.0001 percent chance tho

ah yes the first pwtuber. i think. he was cool i guess. didnt he already do a face reveal ages ago tho

Did he?

What will happen to the world’s he currently own now…

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They will decay if he never logs into pw again.

im pretty sure he comes to check these things from time to time, like check new updates and such.

i am admin in most of his worlds like BUYBC , TURK , TURKIYE , or INDO . I will be taking care of those

absolute legend. I might even take a social media break too now

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Yes, on Instagram. (20)

I was thinking the same. PW and instagram messed me up with my goals …

The legend is back :open_mouth::hushed:

all forumer’s who already decided to quit: Hmm i thougt abit, i will not quit :smile:

jokes asides, hopefully he doesn’t overwork again

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tribute to the hacker that unfriended me because I left for a week and notified beforehand (and never re-added since)

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I never knew the controversy was about him hacking…