Trolling gms disconnect trap

So, I was concerning about this type of disconnected trolls it like they make a fake gms like “GIVEAWAY HERE” or “SHOP SHOP SHOP” and then you warp to gms you got dc trolling trap. Well, I want to know if this “type of trolling are illegal?” Like “scamming” or “Break the game rules” cause it make people wasted their time to this situation like they want to buy something or play spleef for a giveaways stuff.
But then just got trolling by troller (“scammer global messager”) so is it have ways to punishment troller like this?

Not really against game rules to troll players but it’s for sure can be annoying if that said player keep doing it for hours.

Best would be not to fall for the global messages that claims there is a giveaway there

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is this post serious ?

I get p¡ss*d off with all those vortex portals that take you to world’s like BOTH (and similar.)

That said I’ve noticed BOTH has somehow slowed down … I wondered if an admin or mod has done something to it. …

Nothing wrong with your post imo

BOTH decayed and the current owner has not activated the traps to get you in the vortex portal
if you have gotten inside that vortex portal it is solely because you walked in it

So the owner changed?

It’s still dumb imo. I broke a trio of worlds with one of these in . It was tricky to say the least.

Ive kept it but changed the destination to Pixel Station

Try @_5 this is still up uses @SLUDGE

Visited BOTH finally someone with sense !

Btw I ain’t “sus” straighter than straight me and I hate scammers …