Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare? The dare needs to be related to the forums or pixel worlds and the truth can be anything, you guys can play along :slight_smile:


I Dare you to like my reply.


i dare you to like this reply


Have you ever scammed?

No, but i’ve been banned before for hosting a casino

did u ever eat a snail?


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I dare you to donate me Dracula Cape, now when you read it and have one, you have to do it now.

i dare you to donate me wl in the world Legionare(it been mentioned in the forums :slight_smile: )

That would be about 2 years XD
So… no, you can choose a truth question now

I only have 5 wls but ok :slight_smile:

Do you like kurzgesagt?

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You don’t have to ask that to know :slight_smile:

I dare you to give someone 1 wl, then immediately ask for it back (with proof)


ooh me)20 chracterrrrrrrss!!!

I dare u to subscribe my yt miiss pw

i dare you to ask your friend full and break his world
after that give him a world that cost 5pl more :joy: This?

Can’t do that dare, sorry. I only have 3 world locks left
Btw stop with the dares for a moment and start the truth, because I still need to finish the past dares