Trying to find my old friend

3-4 years ago in pixel worlds, my name was Aabercrombie. On those years, i met a friend named coolgamer with some numbers but i forgot… we were also friends on discord. One day, my parents reseted my whole laptop and everything was gone including all of my accounts that my mom made but couldnt remember anymore (and yes my mom has set up a recovery email but she forgot what it was too since it was barely used). That meant i lost him without saying anything to him. He’s been a good friend. If you know someone named coolgamer or if you are reading this or see this. Please go to my world Savageben. And i am deeply sorry for leaving you. I also wanna say sorry in advanced to those i bothered while reading this. If you guys could just help me find him. That would be amazing. Also my friends told me that mods also see the forums so i would like to ask if he still plays pixel worlds.

If it helps or if you’re reading this, you gave me pixie wings before and i accidentally lost them. You also gave me the world lock which was supposed to be yours. We also made a world named c_g_b or something with that name and letters with large locks in the portal. I was also one of the buyers of your items that you placed in soil blocks the first time i met you. You had a shop in your world with pineapple blocks as an entrance. You call me aaber when we were on discord calls. And i dont know if im with you or with someone else here but someone once offered their pwr helmet for the world if you added your pet bunny and you banned him because your bunny is and will never be replaced by another.

Again, if you’ve made it this far, i am both thankfull and sorry for taking your time to read this. I hope someone can help me out and find him. Thankyou everyone. Have a happy new year!


I hope you find your friend. I know all too well how it feels to suddenly disconnect from a good friend without even saying goodbye.

that’s the saddest storys ive read since 2020.
what a good relation. you will definitely find your friend in the end.

Never give up