Typing too fast bug

I naturally type in my keyboard really fast when I’m talking with my friends, but when I do my game just keep on freezing and I ended up exiting the game and open it again. It’s really frustrating because it will just freeze there.

I type at about 100wpm which is relatively fast but I do not experience freezing. Instead, I used to get kicked for sending messages too fast or something like that. Maybe you should elaborate on the bug… Maybe it’s not the fact that you type fast, but possibly just because you are typing to begin with. What OS? Device specs? I feel like Dev would need this to even help.

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I think I shouldve been kicked by typing too fast but instead my game freezes, because I never experienced getting kicked. I play on my pc and it can handle PW with no lags/problem

too fast at typing for your own good


Hahhahah! Lol this is funny😂 I never knew typing fast has disadvantages now

So fast, even typing above 60+ wpm is already hard for me

Also yes, if you get those “You’re typing too fast, please stop” too many times you get kicked out of the world, go to the loading screen and back to the world

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Weirdly if I delete what I write my game kicks me sometimes if I press the backspace to quickly.

I know exactly what you’re referring to - you don’t even need to type absurdly fast to trigger it, and it seems to only happen on the Windows store version (at least for me). It also triggers if you copy and paste enough, I can try to find some exact way to trigger it so @Dev can investigate a little better.

which version are you guys referring to? steam or microsoft store?

  • steam
  • microsoft store

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It just happened to me here:

Although it seems to fix itself after a minute either way.

I guess the only feasible method to achieve this is just type in chat or paste messages (like pasting a trade message in TRADE, for example) and wait for it to happen.

Yes this is true, I downloaded PW at the Microsoft Store (cus I don’t want to dl steam) and it also freezes whenever I copy pasted something


I don’t think it’s a bug, I think it’s to prevent spammers.

I know, the problem is that my game freezes and needs to restart instead of me getting kicked.

My phone freezes in pw sometimes. I think its because of my wifi.

I didn’t read the question correctly so don’t take my vote seriously, I thought that you asked about what version do we prefer more so yeah

No - if you get kicked for spamming, there will be many red messages in the server telling you that you’re spamming. This is a game freeze that happens well before you even send the message

Yes I know the message is like “Your typing to fast, stop.”

Yeah, I’m trying to say that this is a different bug, that’s all

Maybe the bug your saying is the bug I am experiencing. My phone freezes, so I have to close pw in my phone and open pw app again. But for some reason, I don’t seem to see the wifi button like it just freezes.

Hi Jen!

Maybe It happens because you install Pixel Worlds from Microsoft Store.
( I’m not an admin)

As you may know, Pixel Worlds value players from Steam more. ( There is no achievement for someone who plays from Microsoft Store, but there is achievement for someone who plays from Steam. )

I found that the app from the Microsoft Store is buggy as well in my PC. Maybe, the Microsoft Store version is not really supported that much. The solution is to install the steam version or play on another device as maybe they are probably more supported.

Hope I can solve your issue! :fire: