Un(popular?) opinion: World Locks are becoming increasingly obsolete as a currency within Pixel Worlds

I think that world locks are becoming, and have became more obsolete after the introduction of the Byte Coin. We can see this by looking at the increasing purchasing power with byte coins, and the decreasing purchasing power of World Locks.

What do are your thoughts in this matter? Feel free to share them!

Well world locks are still the strongest currency
Bytes will only have taken over world locks when in worlds like trade people start buying expensive items for byte coins not world locks


I agree. The invention of using World Locks as a currency is likely due to it being the primary currency in Growtopia, a very similar but older game.


Well… World Locks were never intended to be the main currency for trading.
Actually, I’m glad that more players are starting to see the potential of the PWE and the Byte Coins.


still world locks main currency, but with byte coins there some time cheap or good price at pwe terminal machine, so byte coins good thing to have to catch the good offers, i think both are important and got their useful usage.

I don’t really understand this though because if they weren’t, why are lock tokens a thing? (incase you forgot those exist)

Developers have said it before.
And as I have said in another topic, the only “real” purpose for World Locks is to lock an whole world. That simple.

And the only reason why Lock Tokens were introduced was because, since they saw that the World Locks were being used a lot to trade back in the day, they wanted a way to “split” the World Locks for minor trades, for those trades that were not even worth a WL.

In the first days people used those tokens, but they forgot about them after 2 weeks. But do people really use the lock tokens nowadays?

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You can’t say the only “real” purpose of world locks is to lock a world and this is purely because the developers added lock tokens and thus acknowledged them as a currency. Even through nobody using them, it still doesn’t change the fact that they exist as a currency.

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That’s an excellent point.

We can say it subjectively (that’s why the “…”), since it was the main purpose since the game was being developed. We could use Soil Blocks as trade currency if we would like to, we could use any item if we want.

The reason why World Locks were used as trade currency since the game was released was because, in the early days, where people barely had many stuff, it was a need to lock your worlds to keep your stuff safe, and develop yourself into the game. Which, as a matter of fact, it turned to an habit by the time.

The only purpose of the World Locks, effectively, is to lock an entire world, and that’s how it was intended. And why did the developers added the lock tokens? It was because to do minor trades, as I said before.

By the way, if you haven’t seen my post in the other topic, you are invited to watch it. :wink:
In there I talk a little bit about it.
Here’s a link to it:

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Byte coins:

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I explained why in earlier several different posts.
I would assume around 800 Worldlocks are created in Game with quests daily.
This would mean someone would invest in worldlocks 800x230 bc … what isn’t happening.
There should be Quest based in Worldlock amount in game , Recycling World lock Gem value increases if there is too many “Worldlock / amount of players(different devices + IPs)”
This value should be around 100 WL / player Reflect to Quest -> Exp and gems toward 2500 to 3200 from quests would start radically increase what would push for recycling. If older hoard WLs it would Boost new players Recycle quest up and would bring items in market more wanted. This would increase and Stabilize WL value in Bytes.

Is there any reason to stabilize the World Lock value in Byte coins though?

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It will balance market as well it balance item values , so it will balance basicly market from different style manipulazion what players can try find.
it wont prevent in game anything. Main of it is giving a boost for new players as players couldnt hoard so many WLs