Unable to receive any item from IAP

Hi dear pw staffs & everyone:
Since this is the first time that I encountered this issue, I don’t know where it needed to be report so. Here’s the situation, I’ve bought an IAP name (Frosty Gaze Combo Pack) and the amount of the money has deducted from my bank account. But unfortunately ,I didn’t received any gems and items :slight_smile: dear devs kindly help me in this situation . I can show the Google play receipt if it’s needed.
Thank you hope I able to get back my items ,since I’ve already paid…

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Please contact Support@kukouri.com for help as we, being forumers are unable to help with such problems.
Support is the way for problems like this as we simply cannot do anything about it.
To make it easier for them to help you, try providing evidence of purchase(receipts) and i’m sure they will help you as soon as possible.


Not a mod


Wrong category.

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Alright thanks for the information . Already emailed to support. Hope I’m able to get back my items ,since I’ve already paid them :))
Thank youu