Unashamedly showing off LoL 😂

I just wanted to share a pic. of my now complete set super happy with it - although I would like the red hair variation as well , plus another bat , better still the red one !

This Baseball Bat is elusive !

I’m into sets at the mo and change em often (i don’t sell them). Selling is not happening anytime soon


Will you kill me if I go against you?

let me try your baseball bat



Nope …

Probably not suitable for farming :joy:

Yep i know all weapons work. I’ve even used a Beretta I have but something’s just seem more appropriate…


That I don’t know. I’m not a great battler if I’m honest … I do like Secret Base which is as close as I get to that in PW…

I’ve just repaired a battle area in a world i have maybe a meet when I link it to another world I’m working on … Just for fun of course .

I could fight someone, can I borrow that baseball bat?

Evil in there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_imp:

:joy: :joy:

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