I am still not unban, after my false ban. Even after I contacted support.
I have to speak the truth but this game either has some of the worst moderators or admins I have ever seen, Or they are just too busy on the next big update. Or they just forget.

I got a 7 day ban for no reason, contacted everyone I know but still no response. It almost 7 days anyway, so I basically got an unfair 7 day ban LOL.

anyway without pixel worlds, life is kinda better. Its easier for me to socialise outside of pw and to study. So yeah it kinda helped I guess

It’s good to take a break of pw if u are addicted to it, I last played about week ago and it’s much better.

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I think that there is a policy that says “all bans are final” or something. I’ve never seen a PW ban being lifted before the expiry date, plus when I was banned and emailed PW support, I never got any reply.

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I dont understand the “for no reason” part. Why have I never been banned? Why have my friends never been banned? If people got banned for no reason, like 60% of the players who get banned claim, I’m pretty sure me or at least my friends or anyone I’ve ever met on pw would be able to confirm that statement.

Maybe it’s just me or maybe it was really a mistake on someone’s part this time, but I have never heard of a ban without any reason before.


I understand what you mean. For me I am still trying to understand why I got banned.
I was hosting a giveaway, and my friends with full rights kicked some people who lost. In the middle of the giveaway when I was giving the winner his prize, I just suddenly got 7 day banned. I have contacted support, and they still have not responded!!

I hope they give me atleast one item since I bascially lost my chances in the ST. Patrick event

Same I never got a reply! Were you banned for no reason too? or did you do something?

I was trolling in chat, it was kinda deserved. And it has only been like a 5 hour ban only.

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this is not a policy. i have seen players that were banned for 3560 days or whatever being unbanned. mistakes happen sometimes and most of the time when they do, they are corrected. i just think it’s not one of their major priorities.

Jake has blacklisted ban talk on their streams. They never reply to emails regarding bans. If you try to contest a ban on their discord, you only get told to try emailing. Do you see a pattern? They ban, they’re done.

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There is a time and place for everything, streams are for content.


you can’t “contest” a ban with players or moderators. actually, moderators are literally the worst people to ask help for lol. if you’re going to try discord, you need to actually contact Jake directly. he does deal with bans sometimes there.

no i don’t see this pattern.

lol i got 7 day for nothing

Jake has locked DMs, you cannot appeal bans there.

bruh this is so true!! I said in jakes last stream a highlighted message on how I got banned and he just ignored it.

It makes me feeling like what if I actually do something bad after my ban…would i only get 1 day ban XD

dude I contacted support email like 4 days ago now. And i got a 7 day fake ban…so basically there is no justice and i missed the st patrick event now!

Will there give me some items for this mistake?

Well, he has directly said on the stream that it’s true that he doesn’t discuss ban talk on streams. That’s why he didn’t respond, even if it is highlighted.

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