UNOFFICIAL: Pixel Worlds Clan League


UNOFFICIAL: Pixel Worlds Clan League

It has come to my attention to make an Unofficial Clan League to atleast hype the community with all these events happening right now. Partnered with some friends we were able to make this happen. Here’s how this works;


These league will consist of 160 participants divided ONLY into 80 dark and 80 light faction clan members, so first come, first serve.


The league will have 16 brackets, first matches of each teams will be Eliminatiom Round, as they progress, rules will be changed and the following 8 teams will each have 2 lives where if they lost, then they will lost a life until the next bracket.
The remaining 4 teams will be changed into a Best of 3, until the next bracket the final two teams will have Best of 5.


It is made so every clanner can join as much as possible. So, that players that is not in a very good clan can still be placed with good people. The Drafting will go in a snake draft, it’ll be explained to the Team Leaders.


Team Leaders are chosen by interview so it’ll be properly organized.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply down below.

DISCORD to sign-up;

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I am in no light-dark clan.

Updated discord link:

Posting in Ig may help you with this Project

Not really since I dont even have followers lol.

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so uh u gonna tell the clan leaders if they are in?
My clan leader would be Alphacell btw.

Everyone can be a leader by choice.

i dont know what to type here