Unpopular opinion? European players are demeaning to US and south american players(only vote as an american PLEASE)

Its always been a weird power dynamic between US and the american countries and most of the European countries that play, I just feel from experience as being a american player feeling left out or people being demeaning to you. I want americans to answer

  • I feel left out from the community
  • Maybe, Im not sure
  • Not really, I havent noticed it as an american

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voted as european lol

The most neutral option is ‘‘Maybe, I’m not sure’’. Voted as a south-american.

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I meant to write south american and north american

In that case, I don’t feel that left out. Most people are surprised to see a brazilian player, using a furry set and consistently playing the game. In fact, most of my PW friends are european and I interact with them quite often.

I usually hang out with european players and canadian and US players, with european players in the game it just feels like they look down on NA players in general, I also feel like the devs cater more to european players

I disagree completely, I don’t think anyone in the game has ever been “demeaning” to me in relation to where I live

Personal experiences with me have been, just feel they dont get treated with respect.

Could you give me an example of what you mean? If anything, the only issues I’ve had were language based & not knowing Finnish or Indonesian for example.

A few examples are just european players being outright disgraceful, one time I was in LOVE and some person was ranting about how dumb and idiotic americans are.

I, as an American player, never experienced any sort of discrimination. I’m friends with people from around the world and we all just talk to each other as equal people, as it should be to begin with.


I dunno, maybe its only me

Yeah, I assume it’s a rare occurrence. Although, plenty of “jokes” are made regarding people from the USA anyhow, so perhaps it was intended to be one.

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Good point, maybe your right. Im probably overthinking

I think indo players are demeaning towards rich players who aren’t indo

but that’s probably just me

Not American, but Canadian. Still, I haven’t noticed nothing.

But I’m Indonesian and didn’t do that

He probably means most/some Indonesians, of course not every Indonesian does that :+1:

I mean, every Indonesian person I’ve talked to has either been pretty nice or didn’t speak English so I just google translated “I don’t speak Indonesian, sorry” and hope they were actually speaking Indonesian and not something completely different

Most people in the game aren’t trying to be bad people, especially if they try to talk to you anyhow

Idk , i’ve never seen any serious discrimination towards any kind of people in pw