Untradable World Locks

Should world lock become untradable?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know
  • Doesn’t matter

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I wouldn’t mind too much since I only use bytecoins, and a lot of people have made some good points about making them untradeable. But does this mean I’ll have to buy wls from the shop?

I didn’t bother to read all the points people make on why they should/shouldn’t be I just hate PWE provision/deposit fees

Poll isn’t good, we should be figuring out how we can fix all the potential problems that untradeable wls might bring, instead of voting whether or not we will have it, focus on quality not the numbers.

You can always buy World Locks in PWE machine and is really rare for people to make a world these days am I right?

I’ve felt there is no issue at all by making world lock untradeable, even like so much better in my opinion.

The pool is just me wondering what people might think about this, feel like jake might actually do it.

That makes the entire economy balance, so much balance that growtopia.

Basically holds people to get mega super-rich by tax just like in real life.
Make it hard to manipulate the market for some rich people.

:nauseated_face: am I supposed to like taxes

It’s not good for a lot of us, but it’s really beneficial in the end.

You don’t want currency like growtopia while having 900 WLs is not even consider rich no more because everyone has 5000 WLs

The leftover wls in the worlds being used to mess up economy in “glitch worlds”, the taxes, the people basically being forced into another currency that many can’t count, (in an economy with a lot of kids the people having nothing to compare it to or convert it to, or all the people who enjoyed using wls AND bytes, (since bytes are like pennies and wls are dollars)
are a few of many reasons the devs need to communicate before making this change.
Many would argue why change something so late when it was fine before?
If they wanted them untradeable then why did they make wls available prizes in VIP and quest prizes, and even added platinum locks and lock tokens? doesn’t make sense

fair enough but I still hate taxes and no amount of fair reasons will change that

Taxes are really good to hold inflation

You don’t need to count the price because you can see it on the side of every item.

The biggest reason is Growtopia, Jake said they don’t like the main currency is compared or made because other games, even the new player ( who don’t play growtopia ) get confused about why World locks in the main currency.

Just like paper money when first introduces back ago people think it complicated, because everyone so used to trade item by item, but in the end is so balanced and really good.

they should have changed them ages ago. if PW doesn’t want inflation then they should be adding more uses for bytes. The taxes aren’t for inflation but to keep people from filling up the PWE with troll offers.
As of now, prices are extremely unstable and easily manipulated, so “looking at the side of every item” isn’t always the solution - there’s also many items that don’t have a recent purchase

Using PWE I can deduce that Dark Pixies are roughly 2-100 bytes, anyone selling? I’m willing to overpay, but won’t go over 150 bytes

I hate to say, but I agree with you on this point.

But they do it right now, just imagine how many people buying world locks 3500 gems in-store every day, inflation is gonna happened no matter what if we keep using world locks.

It kinda helps for inflation a bit.

I don’t know about this one, most of the item [95%] has the right price, and all of us been looking at the price since the tools were added, and you can really spot an item who got a fake price, by the way the arrow moving up so rapidly making the choice you should not buy that item.

But most expensive items are not

That the 5% of the item, and that gonna be a bad idea to sell your 20 Pls + item on PWE and get taxed you gonna lose tons of World Locks by tax alone.

But people using PWE to buy blocks, wallpaper which is really usefull.

I think I remember Jake saying that provision is capped to 500 bytes, idk

Not percentage? Uhh I don’t really use PWE that much.