Untradable Worldlocks are not bad [Q&A]

Making world locks untradeable isn’t going to ruin the economy or anything like that. Anyone who claims that is ignoring other factors and actions that will take place. I am yet to hear a good reason for why making world locks untradeable would be bad. Most of the people who are quitting this game over this will probably return in a week. I went onto some other threads and answers some people’s arguments.
You can ask me questions and I will reply to them with an answer and edit the thread

Will Making Worldlocks Untradeable stop world trading?

No it wont. You can still trade worlds just as normal with a key. You can even drop items in the world and add bytes to your trade.

Making byte coins untradeable won't stop dropgames!

No it wont. There will always be a new scam and there will always be a way to get scammed. Its pretty much impossible to not have any scams in a massively multiplayer game. Although the main point of making byte coins untradeable is not to stop dropgames, the amount of them will still be reduced as a side-effect of this. scammers will still hold dropgames with expensive items.

The NPC exchange rate for bytes is not worth it.

The current exchange rate for bytes with the NPC in pixelstation has not been changed ever since byte coins were introduced. This price stayed the same ever since then so that the worth of bytecoins would never go below that number. When the update that makes wls untradeable comes out, the NPC’s exchange rate will be updated to the current market price.

What will happen to lock tokens?

I really don’t know. Lock token’s original purpose was to let players buy items worth less than a full WL, however byte coins were introduced a few months after tokens, so they no longer have a purpose.

Trading with bytecoins has too many zeros in it!

No its not. If you are not dumb then you’ll be able to handle it. Its just a few extra numbers. Other MMOs deal in large numbers aswell. Take rune scape for example, the amount of money players have can go into the billions

If you have any concerns the just ask. If you disagree with some of the reasoning then lmk and give some good reasoning. :+1:


here is a good reason:

making wls untradeable is bad because the developers completely disregarded the communities opinion which was that most people did not want wls untradeable.


Not a good reason. I’m surprised that most players aren’t understanding that making WLs untradable and switching to bytecoins only brings benefits to the game.

The developers have to make decisions for the health and future of the game, not necessarily only what the community wants, but also what it should have.


i never said there weren’t any benefits, i was just saying this is a community game without the community. this is not the first time and it’s not the last time that the developers have gone against what the community wants, not for the health of the game but because of their own stubbornness.
e.g P2P. there is no way that is healthy for the game but they still allowed it because they didn’t want to admit they were wrong.
i would 100% support this decision if it was what a majority of the community wanted or even if it looked like they (the developers) considered our opinions as a community but as usual, we just got shat on. idk about you, but i don’t like to be shat on (sorry if that’s your thing).


“Yes sir, I promise you, give me your byte coins and i will give u big prize. No i do it after not now.”

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Maybe this situation will happen.


I love how the blue caption is just cut off

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damn lock tokens became obsolete like Ellen DeGeneres

Lock tokens will still be in the game, Jake answered my question on the video when he announced world locks are untradable