Update on my game project: huge sneak peek!

For those who have following my game project, here is another sneak peek!

7 new enemies!
Yep, 7 new enemies and more to come! Other than these, there are few ones that I’ve drawn but not yet added to the game.

New feature: keys!
Keys do exactly what you think they do, opens locked stuff.

New feature: buttons, spikes, barrels, walls, gates & more
Here is a pic of few of the new obstacles. More to come!

New NPC: the trader

This one is still work in progress but it’s basically a new way to unlock stuff.

Big balance changes
The game felt way too easy and to fix this I made major balance changes to multiple aspects of the game.

-Starting health 30 → 10
-Starting shot speed 0.7 → 0.4
-Starting bullet speed: increased (unsure of the specific numbers)
-Basic enemy HP 3 → 6

So I actually buffed the offensive aspects of the player by alot but also nerfed the health by 66% percent. This made the game feel much more fast paced and interesting!

-Item drop rates completely reworked. Player is now guaranteed at least one item per floor. Golden chests no longer drop items at 100% rate.

The game felt way too random. These changes are attempt to reduce the randomness and make the game feel more fair.

What’s next?
A major new thing I’m going to add is more rooms and more enemies and then I will attempt to balance the game better yet again (trust me It’s harder than it sounds!)


Wow a very nice project :smiley:

idk man he just looks like a news guy