Update on my game: road to polished first stage

Hello everyone! Remember the dungeon game I showed off like forever ago? Well, I’m still making it and I’ve made some huge progress in deveploment. The first floor is finally completely playable from start to finish (if you don’t count the fact that it has very little in variation of rooms/items/enemies).

The main goal right now is to finish developing the first floor. I have wrote down the entire plan for the game (themes, bosses, etc) and I’m feeling pretty good about the progression of the project.


By the original idea for “the map” is scapped but the assets are still used for another purpose so now I can finally spoil what the map was meant to be and why I decided to not implement it.

The map
Ehm, how do I explain this? Well, you used to have big list of bosses that you had to beat and every time you beat a boss it would be crossed over in “the map” and I kinda didn’t like the idea because

  1. It was too streamlined. The whole game was just bunch of quests that you had to beat
  2. It kinda spoiled all the bosses when you could see them in the map before actually discovering them.

The new system has “end flags” (as seen in the video). Every time you finish a major goal (such as defeating the first boss first time) end flag appears. When touched, you unlock tons of new things (such as a new floors and enemies and items). At certain point when you’ve played long enough end flags stop appearing and you can complete a run from start to finish (but there’s a catch and I’m not going to spoil what it is🤫)

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Yooo. Where are you deciding to publish the game? maybe itch?

Google play, if it gets enough attention maybe on PC too

r u really planning to spend money on google play? put it on itch.io

also this game. it deserves attention. it is a cool idea. please release a demo as soon as you can

I already have paid for google play dev account years ago. You pay 30$ once and then you can publish as many games as you want.

Never thought about this but maybe I could release a demo with 1 playable floor. I’m afraid that I can release the demo either this december or next june because I will go to the army in january.

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i see man. gl on the game btw