Update on my game (sneak peek 4)

Some new enemies…

Pic of all the items so far

Sneak peek #4!
It feels like it has been ages since the last sneak peek, and honestly, I don’t have much to show unfortunately. I have had very little free time in the past month but I’ll be on a vacation soon and continue to develop the project much faster rate! I think the most noticable changes are light system and obviously new items and enemies. Oh, and I also reworked the loot system, balanced players HP and changed how aiming works😀

I think what I’m most excited for right now is the future! I started developing this really awesome feature that brings all elements of the game together and I am so hyped for it! I call it “The Map”.

Yep, that weird little map is all I’ve been working on🤣 Trust me, it will be awesome once I can tell you what it does and how it works but right now you can only speculate (I bet you can’t guess it right)

Anyways, still working on this game👍