Update reccomendation🐶🐈‍⬛

I think there should be pixel bots that feed and wash your pet and give it medicine,and obidence. U could insert bones or fish into the bot and u can set it to when you wanna feed it. There could be 3 seperate ones like one that gives medicine “vetBot” Obidence “trainerBot” and hunger and hygiene “PediaBot” (sorry if names bad)

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Pets is a dead feature

                              bruh i thought it was a good idea.

I think its still a good idea.

I think the purpose of pets is to have players open the game regularly (one could argue, a little too regularly, but I digress).
So, making it so the player doesn’t have to open the game regularly anymore goes against the pet feature’s whole purpose.


This defeats the whole point of pets in the first place.

Me am wanted boty woty woo to auto fish for me and get me richy richy.

The developers of this game want you to spend time on it this completely contradicts their idea

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Cool Idea but not necessary☺️.

pets pretty dead tho, i haven’t even feed my pet for few months (why da pets didn’t ded)

I hate it when my dog gets sick this is a very good recomendation especially for the ones who take care of their pets in the game.

I thought that too lol