Update related question

Does anyone know if there will be update soon ? Or they gonna stick to this version for long time?

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i think they’ll stick to this version as we can see from the frequent maintenance we’re experiencing, having new things added so soon is probably a bad idea

Yea you are right , they should probably fix the wrong things first then start thinking about further steps.


I’m hoping that this maintenance break is some sort of update, it’s lasted for hours, and I’m kinda annoyed. If they have us waiting for hours just to fix some bug, and they don’t actually add anything that’s noteworthy into the game, I’m gonna drop where I stand. It’s godawful, and really frustrating.

It would be nice to get something new in the game as if after maintenance break but they will probably just fix the bug and thats it

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To put an end to this note, this maintenance break is solely for fixing already existing bugs that are current breaking the game. There is no reason to give this game additional content while these issues are still prevalent.

Any further maintenance break updates can be found in RetNos’ thread seen here; this thread will likely be locked soon.

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Real classy to suppress the concerns of players who have questions about the maintenance break, am I right or am I right? Fp


You are not wrong man

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I’d prefer if there was a megathread regarding the situation that people are able to ask in

Not 100 threads speaking about the same thing that have already been answered in the first one

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Given that this is PWs official forum Kukuori don’t do enough

It takes less than a minute to update the forum .

For the many who spend 3 or 4 euros (or dollars)in the game it might have been their only game money for the whole week…

Our little sis plays and nags her mum for this or that. Are the game makers that clueless? If she had spent whilst an outage was on i doubt she would come back

I cannot in anyway see how it is unreasonable to ask this?

Saying nothing the whole day like in the last one just isn’t good enough . There should also be an open explanation of what happened afterwards, otherwise what are they trying to hide??.

Put some fear into any wrongdoers too…

The game has been inaccessible for hours, blunder after blunder, and the higher ups that make decisions for the game are disregarding the community as if we’re not even here. If they wanna fix some bug, they should find a way to do it without kicking us out for days straight. I’m just wondering what the new players are thinking right now.

Literally one man working on the fixes :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

They aren"t just fixing a small bug, they are taking care of a massive byte coins duplication exploit that was destroying the game’s economy. Some individuals used BILLIONS of duplicated byte coins to buy any item they saw, for overpay too. Every item rose to crazy prices, black tower items being the most affected ones. As example Halo of Blo…Red Stuff rose from 16 million byte coins to well over 30 million byte coins in one night.
This maintenance break was much needed and it will last few days.

Actually the latest discord message shows just a couple hours

If this “duplication bug” isn’t a myth, I really hope they fix it.

I’m not on discord and this is the official page .

Here is where any info should appear.

I agree with fixing the economy

My point is why not just put that info out straight …

Plus some idea of progress …

Still, we wait …

The way you organize your text is like reading a novel, or a paragraph or something. Lol