Update tomorrow (today)

There are always updates on wednesdays right,

but im wondering if this game is just finished, and actually ded, or whatever the reason is why there hasnt been an update for 8 months


All of the dev team left. Accept Siskea ad 2 other people.

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Unknown back from the dead :skull:


oh. has there been a funeral? i wasnt invited again

There wasn’t. Jake announced leave in one of his livestreams, along the leave of a few other devs. After that, they were gone. How did you not know this? This happened like 7 months ago.

ah well. i guess some people still care about game & community but

i declare this game
(whatever dead means)

Aw man I haven’t seen Unknown550 in AGES, how’s it been?
(I was Sackatizer50 on the old forums)

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pulled some kittens online, pretty good. aside from that im genuinely blessed and happy. did u turn 22 on 21th july? dont really remember the exact date tbh

im turning 17 in january lol (i really was pretty young back then. now i can look down on other 12 year olds :+1:… :’(

wtf exo is gonna be 18

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Yeah 22 on 24th July, pretty close

I may be an old man now but rest assured that I still laugh at poop jokes and draw cartoon animals


devs left


Yes, of course there is. It’s not that hard to log in for 20 seconds to check.

uh just logged in, nothing seems different, also just spent 7k gems and NO WINS

7k? I spent 17k and no wins no cap.

uh, im not rich, i literally wasted few thousand bytes from a giveaway lol and now i have like, idk, prob 1 or 2k bytes left

almost forgot, i log in every month and only play for 30 minutes so, yeah i never get anything in the game lol

I found out in september because i have been living in the woods the past few months :confused:

I wouldn’t say that’s dissapointing I would say that’s a win, unless you were close to dying by a mysterious creature at night.