UPDATED Phase 1 Pixel Worlds Comic Universe Slate

Alright, as Heroes of the Pixels: Punchpool is almost ready, I think this is a good time to bring this to you.

So before the main event here, what will happen?

Well for starters, Stuck will get pulled out of Phase 1 sadly because 1.) The remaining pages of Stuck by Deadends are still not finished. 2.) It is because it is not a right introductory to this new universe. But don’t worry, it will still come soon. Just not now.

Alright here:

Heroes of the Pixels

The heroes of Pixel Worlds will assemble for not the last, but a great battle between the Evil Professor! But the Professor has some secrets, which will foil all plans made by the team. Do they still have what it takes to beat the Professor? (Will release via “Introductory Chapters” first EX. Heroes of the Pixels: Punchpool, then the main series)

Behind the Pixel

Wonder how the whole Pixel Worlds “system” was made?

Slowly, this will uncover The origin of the whole PW system, major turning points in the development of it, and the dark points in it. (Special “Guests” will be in this series)

(Note: This will be MY interpretation of how the whole PW Lore ties into how it was made. So yes, this is lore related)


After many disappearances of people in the Nether have been reported, a retired nether runner will grab his weapons and search for the missing people. But there is something sinister behind the disappearances, and this mission, will be his most memorable.