User Introduction

Would be nice to meet other pixelians. How about trying to introduce yourself?

If you don’t know how to start “forum-ing”, you can start here by, well, introducing yourself of course.

We hope we can to know each other and get to “forum-ing” more often. :smile:


Hello, I’m Blackwight nice to meet you

Hello I’m MaskedMan2, I’ve heard on Forums when they said “forums are down” some months ago (i found Forums 2 years ago but eh… Idk how to use it.)

Hey, i’m smile70 (smile not smiley, like jake says), nice to see another forumer :fish:

I’m Tyler, really old PW player. I make vids sometimes.

Im Commanderder, had an old name of TRIGGER-MLG back then and im happy that im able to change it already xd

Hi! I am FarmMiner, me noob plz donate!

Heyaa, I’m Syeira! Nice to meet you, looking forward to “forum-ing” together!

I like unicorns.

Hi! I’m Laris…and y’all probs know me from the Pixel Worlds discord!

This forums looks awesome! I’ve never been impressed with the look and feel of the forums until now!

Hello i’m the lord of mustaches

Hello, I’m Patrick, I’m the thick looking guy with watermelon wings and half and half dreads, I like KFC. :thinking:

I’m a veteran forumer, but this sounds pretty fun!

I’m Joestar, previously known as Sackatizer50 on the old forums.
I’m a pixel artist, digital artist, musician, writer, aspiring indie game developer, and more things. I have a lot of hobbies and things I enjoy doing, browsing the forums being one of them.
I’ve played Pixel Worlds since December 2016, and been on the forums since January 2017.

There should be a forum category for introductions.

WAIT YOU’RE SACKATIZER a.k.a. Skullhead???

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Welcome category or smth like that

Hello I’m Alberto Nice to meet you

I’m shawn, nice to meet you. I like to create stuff related to pixelworlds. Like videos, art, and other stuff.

Hello everyone, i am inb4. a person who only posts suggestions in the forums/discord.
only plays pw or pw forums if im bored or so. nice meeting you!

im monkey i got banned in a discord server for saying loser once no biggie

Hello hello, my name is Fincy.
I don’t play Pixel Worlds quite often, but I used to be a very active player, especially on the forums around 2016-2017.

Glad the forums are back, they are a great way for the community to come together and help each other out, discuss and have fun. I probably won’t be as active as I used to be, but I’ll definitely hang around here from time to time.

Nice to meet you all!