Valentine's Update 2021

We’ve been talking about today’s Valentine’s Update in the Discord server and I thought we can share each other’s opinions and thoughts on the Update. :thinking:

Quite decent, considering the fact that the new things are just the boosters. Nothing else

The set contest is pretty cool, but the booster is kinda dissapointing in my book.
And the Candy Knight set feels like a copy & paste of the Leaf Knight set.

The Candy Knight is a cool looking knight, although I would rename the Katana to Glaive

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whats glaive mean? 2000 char

Good update but very unlucky for the pack.

polearms best weapons, maybe its just me but I feel like I never see weapons like halberds and glaives as much as they deserve in games smh

Well, I was hoping for a Red Tuxedo, but the Candy Knight Set is fine as well.

Now I can’t cosplay Kiryu Kazuma

Truly a Dame Da Ne Moment :pensive:

I like the booster pack and that there is a chance of getting a chocolate box for free(see it fly and hit it or get one from a friend)