Vampire Perk Rework

As we all know, the level 200 perk grants pixelians the ability to regenerate health by killing enemies, essentially being a lifesteal. This lifesteal has a really small amount, however, being only able to regenerate 1% health per kill. Sure, this may sound good when there are more than 35 enemies, but then, you’d have to remember that the monsters also deal more than 1% of your health.

So, for this suggestion, I’d like to suggest reworking the perk works based on excess damage. It is an endgame perk after all, thus it should feel “special” when used. Now, you guys might be asking, what is excess damage? I’ll give an example on how it works.


So based on the wiki, a buzzkill has a health of 300, and the picture on where the buzzkill is being attacked has a damage of 161. It would surely take 2 swings for it to get killed, but then, there’s excess damage. 300 - 161 (2) = -22.

Now this excess damage would be the factor as to how many health a pixelian will regain per kill. As known, a pixelian has 1000 health. If the excess damage is worth 22 damage, then the pixelian will regain 22 health.

I’d like to hear your thoughts about this rework. Any flaws in it? Or are there any problems that’ll happen if this change were to happen? Let me know about it down in the replies.


I really like this idea. But a full overkill damage return is still really OP. It just seems like too much. Players already have 3 (or even 4) lives for the most prominent things hp is even a factor in. Nether and secret base are already pretty easy for even somewhat experienced players, it would be a breeze with this. Maybe 50% of overkill damage returned as hp? It’s still pretty good. If you get 100 overkill damage that’s 50 hp.

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Hm, there are two flaws I can think of. The first being that people could find weapons that instead of dealing the most damage will leave them with the most excess damage (or leaving the enemy with the least amount of HP possible) to heal much more. 1 more hit for quite possibly 10%+ HP recovery is probably worth it to most people. The second being that it isn’t exactly future-proof: Just because now the cap is 200, there’s still a fair chance that more levels could be added (Personally, I think adding more levels adds a lot more to go for, because if you were max before you probably would want to get the max again). So while now it’s an endgame perk, in the future, it could even be like the halfway perk if you get what I mean. Still, I do like the concept. I think a fix to this would be something like a limit of 30 hp (which is still 3x the current vampire perk, unless you use “Healthy” perk)