Very new world idea of mine

HELLO, EVERYONE! I recently got the world name “AcidSurvival” and I wanted to do something with it. I want to get people’s opinion on my idea first.

How the worlds will work

In Acid Survival, there will be 3 worlds. Each world will be a different part of, well, acid survival. The first one (Verification world) will make sure you are on an alt account (I am only letting alts in due to balance issues). The second world is the main world. This is where you will use your resources from the 3rd world. If you try to go to the main world normally, then you will be welcomed by a portal leading in to the verification world with no way out. The main world will have a main spawn area (Protected from PvP), a normal pvp area where people cannot break/place blocks, only pvp, and a free zone (This is the largest zone). This zone is where people can pvp, place/break blocks, etc. If you die and you dont have a checkpoint, you will most likely have to start over (THIS IS ONLY IF YOU HAVE GAINED ANY LEVELS). The 3rd world is the caverns. This is where you get resources like dirt, granite, and other things you may need for resources. You can also make bases (Because technically, the caverns will have 3 worlds, one in the middle, and two for “Left and right”. You can get resources, crossbreed like normal, farm until you get enough gems to buy some sort of booster, and then use weapons from the booster to pvp and knock people out of the world.


When running this type of world, you always have the risk of people cheating. This is why I will be getting moderators for the world. Moderators help enforce rules (duh), catch people who give items to their alts, and also get to play normally.

What do you all think? Overkill? great? horrible? Please let me know, I think something like this would be really great for the community, and so far I have not really seen anything like this. Lmk! I will be reading all comments.

Original post from reddit including pictures:

this looks like a lot of effort for no reason. mainly the moderator part anyway

Yeah, but at the same time it sounds really fun to make.

not everyone has 2 devices to play pixel worlds either.

another idea would be instead of it being a world where you need an alt account, you can work with a friend, kind of like that game “A Way Out”, a co-op game where you work together to escape prison.

This actually seems like a good idea
But kinda hard with the verification part as we can’t really check each and every one of their inventories even if they are on alts.
This also sounds hard as they would have to keep transferring between worlds
So probably a good idea would be that everyone will start in the 3rd world and there will be a time limit, once the timer ends, everyone will have to go to the 2nd world then start progressing
The problem is with the verification, this is very possible if all the participants are like people you know or people that are not random.
Also in the mod part, I’m free

Yes, MY IDEA is that mods will be there to make sure that people dont cheat. If they do, they will get banned.