Very old pwe glitch

There is this very old pwe glitch where if you search for an item and click on it, it scrolls you all the way back up. I’m sure mostly everyone knows this glitch. Reproducing this glitch is very easy:

  1. Search on pwe: anni
  2. Scroll all the way down to anniversary cake 4yo
  3. Click on the anniversary cake
  4. Go back
    The glitch occurs. This glitch has been annoying me for a really long time but I guess no one really cared to mention it because it didn’t annoy them. This glitch is very common, just use the pwe and you’ll see. This glitch mostly occurs when an item is currently being sold.

I got this with 99% chance with everything i search in pwe.
I’ts pretty annoying but i can live with it :confused:

I have no idea what glitch you’re talking about unless you mean the fact that it scrolls back up to the first item on the list. That pretty much happens with most items I search, it’s not really a problem. I can just memorize where I left off lol

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