Veteran Players

Hello Everybody! Um I’m actually an Old Player/Veteran of this game.
I just created my account on the forums earlier It’s because I forgot my Old account here on the forums.
I actually started around 2018-2019 and Quitted in the Midst of 2019. I played again this month with literally nothing. I asked around for help and managed to start fishing. So I got to Bamboo Superior Rod within 2 days and continued my Journey in Fishing. Around 4 Days I got to a point where I bought Carbon Superior Rod which helped me a lot with bigger fishes. I then obtained Titanium Superior Rod 3 Days from the Day I got my Carbon Superior Rod. So It was pretty much all about Grinding, not to be rich but to have some Networth In-game. Eventually, I quitted fishing and switched to mining which gave better Interest and has higher Profit rate than Fishing. My Journey these past few weeks was really fun. I just wish the game was like before, Where players rush into a single world while multiple worlds are full. Where players laugh together and flood the Chat Box with their Global Messages and Ham Radio Announcements.


Tbh I think it was more fun before. The only ways to grind were Nether and farming, but farming took a lot of time and Nether was boring. Since players had nothing to do, they could trade, chat and just have fun with each other. But right now there’s always something for you to do, and now everyone cares about Networth more than about fun.

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Gotta agree, the spirit of the game died as time passed, I still have friends but yeah- people mostly care about profit now sadly

Almost all of my friends gone offline or quitted, feeling lonely again.

Yeah and at least for me, if you do find friends, within weeks they will be gone and you are back to being just with yourself