Video Space

Pixel Worlds should make the Pixel Worlds file a LITTLE smaller? Well it gets consumes ALOT of video space. ( Don’t take my device seriously )

It does? :thinking:

Well yeah. IMO it does…

If I’m not mistaken its 2 gb in size ( video ).

Wait what
Are you in mobile or pc?

PC, i know if someone is laughing ( dont take dis seriously )

I’m now confused with all the parentheses

Well i also tried in ipad but around 2 years ago in summer IT JUST CRASHED :frowning: and it never ever worked agian

Wait what is the video?

" Video Memory " Problems in PC and in ipad it keeps on crashing but my PC is ok still.

Lmao this happened me

breh i was heart attack it said " UPDATE VIDEO CLIENT! " then i realized that i had too much pixel worlds video recordings then i deleted them THEN it finaly worked… until i was stupid to access a hacked account :frowning:

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pixelworlds is only around 200mb or something.

video recordings is something your phone does, so its a probelm with your phone that you are having.
Pixelworlds has nothing to do with screen recordings or whatever. thats all from the phone manufacturer/android

but the video memory is 2 gb or maybe there is an option in settings

ohh, the amount of RAM.
2GB is a pretty normal amount for a game like this to take up.
In the next few updates the devs are working on performance, so maybe that will improve your device.