"View ignored content"

Apparently, if a post gets reported by more forum users, the content gets hidden, which is great.
However, this still doesn’t make it completely unavailable since there is a big "View ignored content button, which in this thread posted earlier today leads to a youtube link of someone promoting Pixel Worlds hacks.
What’s even the point for content to be hidden if you press a button and you can see it?

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i asking stop hacking to them

*also, for some reason, there doesn’t seem to be any option to report an account?

Yea I wonder why you can see the ignored content


Sometimes people report things that don’t really need to be reported.
Also, sometimes there are conversations between two people, and maybe one of their posts is hidden, and seeing it will allow for there to be context.

its just a thing that discourse does as default.
Jake could probably change it in the setting or something

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