Waffle's World Guide

I have noticed many forumers posting “How much is […] worth?” and the answers are slightly unclear. I have created a guide for world prices. This is it lol.

  1. 2 letter Worlds (676
    2 Letters are all taken, mostly by pro players. The price range for a 2 letter, unclear/undesigned is 200-300k.
    A designed 2 letter is worth the design. The amount a player will play for this design is the price. Some designed 2 letters can go for as much as 700k
    Cleared is 210-300k.

  2. 3 letter Worlds (17.5k)
    3 letters are mostly taken. An unclear/undesigned 3 letter is 13k.
    A designed 3 letter is worth the design. Simple collection worlds (Such as UOP) can be worth 25k-30k. Others can be worth 60-100k
    A cleared 3 letter is 16-17k

3: 3 CHARECTER worlds (Countless)
3 charecters could be FG^ or J60 or something like that. I price them at 1-3k uncleared or cleared. Designed is worth the design.

4: 4 Letter worlds (456k+)
4 letter worlds are worth nothing. Maybe 1k. Only profitable if you have a ton of them.

5: 5 letters (11m)
Nothing. Just nothing. Good for decay hunting though

This concludes the first page of my guide. I will make a 2nd page tomorrow!


I bought the world ‘SL’ for nearly 900k byte coins, pure, XD, and I have no regrets, :blush::relaxed::relieved:.

Bought the world ‘SL’ 2 weeks ago for nearly 900K pure bytes!


Honestly, I think investing in worlds is worth it in the long run and it’s easy profit so I would 100% advise it!!!

But that has actual meaning.
I would buy that for 1.2m tbh

Thanks for brightening us, when I get asked I’ll tell people to check this

Whats this video lmao?

Thanks for the tip, now i will get more money >:D

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Forgot to include this. :slight_smile:
Such as E4 or G}
I would buy one for 30k tops. They could be bought for more but they have less value. I’d say a tenth of its letter version.
Designed=More depending on design
Clear=1-2k more


I have a friend who believed all English words are 100k plus so I had to update this.

Pw item worlds are worth 10-200k depending on the item

English words under 6 letters are worth what people are willing to pay. I would start at 10k, or you can ask me.

Helpful worlds to sell rare names are SELLRARENAME and BUY/TRADE/DEAL.

Tips for rare name hunting: use a random word generator set to nouns and adjectives under 7 characters. It’s quite easy to make 10k+ per world this way. I found world DRIVER this way with 5k in server souls and 4k in props with a 23k buyer lined up for the name alone.

I found world Kosher unlocked which could be worth something to a Jewish player. I found several other worlds with names/items amounting to nearly 80k in a hour.

World hunting tips: keep your location hidden. Sometimes a friend will steal a find. Use
—-SHOP, —-Storage or —-FARM worlds. If you are looking to fill the achievement, use 5 letter worlds.

is flagz anything

Wafflelord: 5 letter worlds are worth absolutely nothing.

Trade: Excuse me, what did you just say?

i got this beautifull name thanks to you

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Lol I meant like wfghy or something

No they aren’t that’s why i updated