Wait what?

Just noticed that on steam the bundles are 20$ , 10$ & 5$.
Yes not that much money , but in my country the 20$ is 80 RON (lei) , and checked today PW on phone and saw that the 20$ is 100ron , the Mega Gem Pack should be 180 , but instead its 235 , idk if its the transaction but its kinda much , cheaper if you buy with $ I guess.

I think prices really vary depending on region

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Yet in my country the month payment is kinda low

Yeah might be a transaction fee or something.

the cost varies a little bit from region to region, because I think the IAPs are set up with the appstore/googleplay/steam and they all have some different calculations and fees when changing the price from dollars or euros to other currencies.
thats whys its sometimes a few cents cheaper or more expensive on different platforms if you live somewhere where they don’t use euros or dollars.

Yeah but it sucks I mean , the country I live in , the monthly payment are kinda low , with the rent and all , idk just saying,

the usually fee is 20ron , so I understand the one with 20$ , since it adds 20 ron , but from 180 to 235 , nah

Also probably other one shows tax in the price and the other one does not

Going to check the tax
The tax on steam 19%