War agreements Code 505 Project red flag

Here is our terms and agreements if we win the Archrist and Communist war;

The communist republic of pw will get a prize of 1000 bytes from our Supreme Leader

  1. What will happen to the losing side governmet
    If the Archrists win the communists have to sign a surrender and have to become a Archrist nation
    but if the communists win the Pixel Archrist Union will become the Pixel Communist Union,
    all of our members will be now ensigned as war prisoners to your government, same thing if
    we win they will on our side.


I agree on your terms on conditions that:

1.) Armor is allowed. Armor cap 30
2.) Weapons allowed
3.) New accounts. All armor has to be made from the new accounts
4.)Perks are allowed. (Except armored perk. SS verification needed by everyone)
5.) Up prize to 2.5k


GL fighting 3 to 1

What about nations being surrendered, also new accounts are too much of a hassle

The whole point of us communists was to make a new account so deal with it


These were your rules, not ours.

When will the war begin?

I have no idea to be honest

Er… Are you refering to ZGO or luke?

of course Zgo


I suggest from 8am UTC+12 till 6 pm UTC+12 since most of us are on then

If u gonna fight me then 6PM UTC +12 till 10 PM UTC+12


So we will use our mains to battle then


@TiberiusZgo Will lead the Red Devils to crush your army.

We gonna do that for 10 hours??

Ofc not.

Sometime between them

Baba booey

Available now for combat?

i need it to be eastern time

I cant do utc, sorry lol deals off