Warnings should be more than just a pop-up

Here’s a “warning process” I’ve lazily drawn which should make people more aware of the rules. Because you can simply click off the current screen and not mind the warning again.

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So what happens if you fail this? Do you just get banned?

You didnt think this through did you lol

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No. You get thrown back to re-read the rules more carefully.

Maybe make them read and have a quiz again? With a cool down this time, so that they don’t just skip and guess randomly.

Do it 5 times, and if they are too stoopid to choose the right one, let them go because they haven’t done anything deserving of a ban.

However, it will still be a punishment for not reading the rules, since they waste their time due to cooldown.

So they either read it and answer the question in 5 minutes, or waste an hour trying to guess it.

Your way seems sooo much better.

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You could actually make them do it until they choose it right, so that they can’t get away from it after 5 times of guessing it wrong.

I thought about it, and I think there is no reason in letting them go after 5 times of guessing wrong.

Leave the cooldown tho, so that if they are just guessing, they waste time.

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Another question type could be like:

What does rule number X prohibit?
[Textbox for answer here]
So they can’t just guess it.

just kick them out of the world with message ‘player is scammin’ or smth

It still won’t be that effective then.
Cuz ppl will just pick random without even reading until they pass. They might just forget once they finish all of the pop-ups.

They will be forced to read it, because if they just guess, it will take much longer.

Why not like this, if they got warned they have to press check mark otherwise they can’t close the warning popup

That would be like Roblox warnings.

there’s no real reason for it as the people who break the rules already know what they’re doing plus warnings are rarer than bans.