Prevents people from joining in world UNLESS you give permission to, GMS wont let people warp, world wont show in active worlds and to join you need to type the name manually. However, mods might have like a item that shows worlds like this, but inside the worlds, you cannot drop items. This would be good for people who don’t like being bothered while farming etc.

TLDR: No people come in pls block

Interesting idea it isn’t exactly needed and if you want at the entrance of your world you can create a fan vortex thing which does the exact same thing it sounds like somebody would find a way to use it to break the rules
But overall not really a bad idea

You can’t drop amything, So yeah, Plus not in active2orld nd nao GM

yeah but my point still stands isnt the thing where u put a fan and a vortex the same thing as warp shield

Sure, but it would be difficult for your friends and stuff to enter, its also for you

Well you can use a door and a trapdoor to make it so you and minors can enter the world