Was this supposed to happen?

So, yesterday I was opening over 250 Aviation Chests at once, and suddenly I started to notice that I was starting to get only 1 Silver Aviation Gear per chest opened, which clearly, it’s not one of the possible rewards from the prize pool.
Then I realized that I had a full stack of them.


The thing is, and what caught my attention is that it didn’t popped out a message saying that I had a full stack of them. Instead, it let me to keep spending my Royal Aviation Tokens, showing only 1 Silver Aviation Gear as reward, which eventually, I never received.

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Infinite tokens :thinking:

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Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention to my Royal Aviation Tokens count, so I can’t tell that lol.

Maybe you @Dev could give me an explanation about this?
Was this meant to happen?

It should correct the given amount to whatever you have room for. If you have 990 gears and win 10, it will subtract 1 and show that you got 9 gears (possibly in red like in quests/boosters). When the stack is full it just reduces the amount to 0 and doesn’t even show the amount. Unfortunately your tokens were simply wasted (if you don’t count the chance to get a rarer item worth it).

The UI could definitely use a clear indication to show the player that the stack is full, though.


Will be fixed for 1.6.40.