Way to hide a world from active world/random world list

I like to keep my worlds a secret in pixel worlds until there done. However the random world feature ruins this. I’m currently working on a huge secret world project and when there’s 1 or 2 people in the world. People can, easily find it when they do I would have to quickly ban them. So my suggestion here is to make it harder to find worlds on active worlds list. Some people been saying to lock the world. But in my option that’s a little too overpowered. Cause no one can enter the world. However I think, there should be a option the the world lock called “Hide world” when turned on it will hide the world from active worlds and random worlds. People can still enter the world if they type the name in but they can’t find it on the active worlds.


Hello there my new friend <3

What if World Jammer exists :thinking:
Also, yea I do hope they’ll revamp it. Active world with 1 player dosent make any sense actually.

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I support your idea.

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Wait, I thought turning off your status/location hides your world from being in the active worlds menu…?

Nope, I have unknown on all the time and people sometimes come my worlds.