Way to test your luck in booster?

I just want to share the luck tester i use before i open a lot of boosters (might be inacurate)

So step 1: Search “Multiple Random number generator”
step 2: click on random.org integer generator

Step 3: So now i will simultaneously opening 100 booster, lets say its candy world booster
Screenshot 2021-02-11 024027

Step 4: now the rule is every time the RNG hits number 1, it means we got a legendary… so now i will open it in 3… 2… 1…

Result: Screenshot 2021-02-11 024610

So from 100 tries, i din’t get a single legendary… rip 90k simulation gems

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I win heheh

I think the booster prizes are weighted randomness, so this method doesent actually work.
No one knows the exact weights either so no one can ‘test’ their luck without buying 1000 boosters : D

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Of course xD I thought of it as a game, who gets number 1 the most lmao. Not gonna start opening boosters because you’re absolutely right

You should generate 300 numbers because you get 3 items per booster